Service that is optimally tailored to each situation and to all requirements can only be realized under certain prerequisites: when the customer and manufacturer can rely on one another, complement one another ideally and learn from one another. We call that service partnership.

After Sales Service and Spares

Our system monitor the availability of each individual wind turbine on a 7/24 basis. Our partner’s service staff at the regional support centers ensures swift on-site service with minimum response times to ensure smooth turbine operation.

All critical spare parts are held in stock with our local sales and service partners worldwide. Besides spare parts support ensured through the lifetime of the product.

On this basis, it guarantees a optimum turbine availability. Siva customers are able to obtain this service in the premium and extended service packages with a term of up to 10 years thanks to the close ties between ongoing training of Siva’s own staff, an end-to-end information system as well as a full-maintenance concept with condition-oriented maintenance.