Service that is optimally tailored to each situation and to all requirements can only be realized under certain prerequisites: when the customer and manufacturer can rely on one another, complement one another ideally and learn from one another. We call that service partnership.


There are several forms of user interface with the wind turbine. Local control by service technicians is performed through a touch screen display on the controller cabinet. Remote control is made through a web interface or through the SCADA system. The web interface allows a user to directly access an individual wind turbine from any computer with an internet connection. The display and operational functions of the web interface are identical to on the on-site interface.

The SCADA system is a software interface and database management system for parks and fleets. In addition to the monitoring and control functions available through the touch screen or the web interface, the SCADA software features include access and storage of many details of the wind turbines’ operational and service history including fault lists, availability, power curve, parameter change history, and access History.

With all user interfaces, access to data and control and service functions are limited by user group settings and passwords.